Click Fraud – A Subject of Global Controversy

Click fraud has been a subject of global controversy. It has become the subject matter of the increasing litigation as only search engines are getting benefits from this. Click fraud is becoming the bane of Internet advertising. The fact that, click fraud may have been as high as $4.35 billion in 2008 if none of the fraud is detected signifies the urgent need to address the menace. Though some may think that acting against click fraud is against the benefits of search engines, every party involved in the Internet Marketing Industry should do their part to eradicate click fraud. Click fraud is a serious offense and it has become a priority to check its growing networks.
He goes through the quality of the clicks and reports it to the authorized body to take the desirable actions. Click fraud has become a menace in the Internet Marketing Industry. Click fraud is such a simple process that made many ways to mess up the pay-per-click system. The simplest way to do this is your competitor’s will have someone to click on your ads so many times. As a result, you will pay bill to search engines or ad agencies as per number of clicks besides your campaign scope reduced. These guidelines also provide parameters to the companies for truthful business through Cost-Per-Click advertising.
A website owner who is running a ppc campaign on his website can detect this fraud if it is going on his website. Actually, a website owner has an access to all the data stating the number of clicks received in a particular period of time. According to the report, during Q2 2009, Click fraud traffic from sophisticated sources and scripted programs increased. This included growth in publisher collusion fraud on ad networks. In Q1, fraud from malicious scripted programs increased.