New York’s Commuters Can Shop Toys R Us Via QR Code

New York commuters that wish to buy select toys from retailer Toys R Us this holiday season can try out the company’s QR code-enabled virtual store, which is debuting on billboards located at the city’s airports and 40 New Jersey transit stations. Commuters scan the QR code displayed next to the featured product, which takes them to a m-commerce enabled web portal, Mobile Commerce Daily reports. There, consumers enter billing and shipping information to complete their purchase.

QR Codes Performed Well on Black Friday

It is hardly surprising Toys R Us is deploying stepping up its use of QR codes during the holiday season. In general, they are proving to be a technology of interest—and they performed very well during the Thanksgiving-Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping spree, according to various surveys. NeoMedia, to name one source, reported a 240% rise in mobile barcode scans via its scanning software application on Black Friday 2011 compared to last year.

Prior Experience, But Only In Marketing

Toys R Us has used QR codes in previous campaigns. In the two weeks following the recent launch of The Great Big Toys R Us Book, the four product-specific QR codes throughout the catalog were scanned tens of thousands of times, the retailer said. QR codes were also available as part of in-store signage and on individual product packaging to showcase product demos or provide additional information on how a particular program worked.

These uses, however, were largely marketing applications. For example, packaging for five select items from the True Heroes L.A.S.E.R. line, features QR codes that allow kids to access an online comic experience in which the stories of the characters’ adventures come to life.

Merging with the Pay Factor

Connecting QR codes to the payment process, though, has been the missing link—one that more retailers, such as Toys R Us, are trying to close. Sears is another company that is experimenting with this use case for QR codes. It installed a series of mobile shopping walls throughout the country at airports, malls, movies theaters and bus shelters. The walls let customers to buy Sears toys through their mobile devices using QR codes.

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New York’s Commuters Can Shop Toys R Us Via QR Code