Google and its affiliates are deceived by the slickest click fraud ever

Fake clicks are the great headache of the advertisers as they get deceived with this and it never generates real sales. Scammers regularly bring new methods to perform this deception. These clicks performed by human fraudsters or automatic click software are hard to detect at the moment, but It can be easily spotted once the event has happened. Although, Google has invalid click checking tool, this deception is happening even more smartly.

As a part of new way to deceive the web advertisers, a new form of click fraud that is unimaginable has come, simulating the valid clicks on the Google ads sold to the advertisers. It is deceiving both the advertiser and the customer in a unique way when a real sales happen.

How it works? Well, the perpetrators make a deal with Google’s pay-per-clicks ads through Google affiliate partners by a certain site – Those affiliate sites agree to post their ads on the other sites in exchange of sharing ads’ revenue. The deceivers behind this cybercrime infect the machines of web surfers with spyware, exploiting security vulnerability in either internet explorer or windows XP while a popular site is visited by the user. If the user has later visited any e-commerce site such as or, the spyware throws up a pop-up window covering the whole browser with another browser that displays precisely the same site as the real window. Then the user normally makes his/her purchases on the pop up window. The history behind this pop up is that simulates an ad for the exact same site that user wanted to visit.

Finally the, Google and other affiliates shares the revenue and meanwhile, the e-commerce site receives real traffic and sales. This is how claiming illegally the revenues of the ads as a third party without notifying anyone. If these perpetrators weren’t there, the purchases would have happened normally.

The author Andy Greenberg has elaborately described about this cybercrime in his article. The article is available in; can be easily found by going through the link:

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